Dems Hold Town Halls in Tucson, Phoenix on Trump Tax Reform

Suzanne Potter, Public News Service - AZ

"This tax cut was really for the millionaires, the billionaires and the wealthy corporations, and the rest of the American families, about 100 million, are left to fend for themselves," Navarrete says.

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New Bill Would Expand Arizona Nondiscrimination Law, Protect LGBTQ Community

By Will Stone

A new bill in the Arizona legislature would expand the state’s nondiscrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

On Monday, Daniel Hernandez introduced the legislation, HB 2586, alongside fellow Democrats Reps. Cesar Chavez and Tony Navarrete and Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee, a Republican.

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Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Do Away With US Senate Primary Vote

by Christopher Conover

Tony Navarrete

Arizona Democratic Rep. Tony Navarrete, from Phoenix. (PHOTO: Courtesy Arizona Legislature)

"I think that takes away the freedom of the voters to choose who they want in their primary voting. If someone is able to collect the signatures that they need, if someone is able to garner the support that they need, they are obviously being responsive to some extent," Navarrete said.

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In Arizona, Advocating For The LGBTQ Community Starts In Local Politics

Will Stone

"Whether we get it passed this next coming session or whether we get it passed two years from now, we are developing a road map of how we are going to make sure that Arizona is more inclusive," Navarrete said regarding Arizona protections on sexuality.

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Gay lawmakers create first LGBTQ caucus in Arizona Legislature

By Dustin Gardiner

Today is #NationalComingOut Day and this morning, Senator Meza, Representative Chavez, Representative Daniel Hernandez, and myself launched the Arizona State LGBTQ Caucus. Our mission is to provide a space to discuss #LGBTQ priorities and provide community-led legislative solutions.

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The DACA deadline was approaching. He knew there were no easy answers.

By Dianna M. Náñez

Families or young people who live paycheck to paycheck can’t come up with $500 on the spot, Navarrete said.

“That’s a bunch of money for working families paying their car payments and insurance ... and their rent at the beginning of the month,” he said. “We don’t want them to feel that burden really impact their lives.”

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Arizona Hispanic Leaders Demand Investigation Into Motel 6 Chains

By Holliday Moore

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Immigrant Rights Group Speaks Out Against Judge Dismissing Case Against Arpaio

By Stina Sieg

“The fact that he was convicted of racial profiling. The fact Maricopa County voters and Maricopa County families had to pay his legal bills over and over and over again – people are not going to forget that,” Narvarrete said.

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More Arrests of Undocumented Guests at a Motel 6 — This Time in Nogales


"The fact that this story broke is really important for this community, because it also puts companies on notice that they can't just give up guest information for the cruel intention of them getting detained and eventually deported," Navarrete said.

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Lawmakers propose bill to ban social justice courses at Arizona schools

By Sonu Wasu

"I think these courses really allow our community constituents to really come together, to talk about the issues in a safe environment," Navarrete said.

‘Cada voto sí cuenta’: Tony Navarrete

Laura Gomez

“Esta elección para nosotros fue muy importante por que se demostró que cada voto sí cuenta”, dijo Navarrate, de 30 años. “Sabemos que estamos registrando personas para votar y estamos sacando los votos de las personas que nunca han votado, y me da tanto orgullo mi equipo”.

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Arizona House Votes To Forbid Jail Officials From Releasing Immigrants That Authorities Want Held


“All it's going to do is make our communities less safe because families are going to continue to feel afraid to make a call to law enforcement," Navarrete said. "Law enforcement continues to be against this.”

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National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators appoints Navarrete to leadership position


"I am humbled and honored to join the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators Executive Committee," Navarrete said. "This organization has represented and supported Hispanic communities for decades and I look forward to representing Arizona while I contribute to that mission."

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Arizona immigrants urge legislators for justice: ‘We want more just laws’

By Charlene Santiago

“Queremos más leyes justas, We want more just laws,” wrote the Melendez family to Rep.Tony Navarrete, D-Phoenix and former Promise Arizona leader.

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Arizona legislator takes aim at University students in first week of session

By Isaac Windes and Mitchell Atencio

“I represent West Phoenix and Glendale; this is the most diverse district in the state of Arizona … so there was a huge outpouring of concern over this legislation,” Navarrete said. “I stood by with the community on this issue because it’s the right thing to do and we have to make sure that bills like this don’t go anywhere.”

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Hundreds Take to the Streets in Phoenix May Day March

By CLARICE SILBER, Associated Press

"The message is: How do we continue to protect workers? How do we continue to protect immigrant families? And how do we make sure that we are working towards a more just state and a more just country," Navarrete said

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Tony Navarrete: unidos contra Trump por medio del voto

Laura Gómez/La Voz

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Gabriel Ramos

“Es el área en la que nací y crecí, en la que he trabajado y tocado puerta por puerta y estoy muy orgulloso de que mi equipo de campaña es también gente trabajadora de ésta misma área, por lo que tenemos confianza de ganar la elección primaria en agosto y luego la general en noviembre”, afirmó Navarrete

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Tony Navarrete Announces Campaign for State House in LD30

"I intend to be a strong voice for safe neighborhoods, improved schools, economic growth and job development for the West Valley. I want to help serve as a catalyst for progress.” - Tony Navarrete

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Con Mary Rabago “Su Voto”

"Tenemos cuatro elecciones este año y puede ser muy confuso, lo que recomendamos es que las familias crean una cultura de hablar de los temas juntos y que votan." - Tony Navarrete

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Grassroots Groups Mark ‘National Voter Registration Day’

Equal Voice News

"..dedicated to empowering Arizona"- Tony Navarrete

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Arizona Activist Won’t Give Up On Immigration Reform

Jeremy Hobson/Here & Now

“In the country that I live in, that I was born in, I do not want to see two different classes of individuals.”- Tony Navarrete

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Arizona lawmakers pass controversial anti- LGBT bill

La Campesina

"They are coming up with laws that discriminate against the LGBT!"- Tony Navarrete

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Arizonans join thousands rallying in Washington

Connor Radnovich/ Cronkite News

“We’re still here, we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to continue to fight … and let our legislators know that the time is now,” said Tony Navarrete

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Groups defend delivering ballots to elections office

Terry Tang, Associated Press

"It's a non-story. Nothing that they did was illegal," said Tony Navarrete,

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Immigration Reform: Legal Status Vs. Citizenship

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

“To put into law a policy that creates a two-tiered system, that does scare me,” Navarrete said. “We’ve never done that as a country — to completely ban any type of citizenship. So if the proposal does not ban a pathway to citizenship, then I think that’s a good start for us to begin having a conversation.”

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Vigilia pro-inmigrante en la casa de Ducey

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Protestas y ayunos para detener las deportaciones y que se apruebe la reforma migratoria

"Estas mujeres están en solidaridad con otras mujeres que se encuentran en Washington D.C. haciendo lo mismo", dijo Tony Navarrete

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Rally at McCain’s office decries House vote against Obama immigration actions

Julian Lopez

“We came here alone today with our families and members of the communities and advocates, but there is a huge segment of Arizona that stands behind immigration reform, that stands behind our undocumented families,”- Tony Navarrete

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Obama on immigration moves: 'This is an American issue'

Ronald J. Hansen and Brenna Goth, AZ Republic

"This time around, it's more about keeping elected officials accountable,"- Tony Navarrete

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