Investing in Our Students and Education

Investing in our children must be our state’s top priority. Today our schools are funded less than they were in 2009. Starving our schools has created high turnover among k-12 teachers which is detrimental to our students. It is critical that we come together to fund our k-12 schools, reduce tuition hikes at community colleges and universities, and create more career and technical education programs that train workers to make a good living. Join me in making sure our children have the high-quality education they deserve!

Creating Jobs that Pay Well

Since the recession of 2008-2009, working families have been left behind, struggling to get ahead. The best way to grow Arizona's economy is to make sure that working people share in our prosperity. For that reason, I support raising the minimum wage, reducing the tax burden on middle- and low-income families, and investing in job training and infrastructure that create good paying jobs and economic growth. Together we can make Arizona a place where working families thrive.

Supporting Smart Immigration Policy

Immigration policy should be crafted to keep families together and to boost our economy. Every day Arizonans, especially immigrant families, feel the crushing impact of America’s broken immigration system. As a community, it is time for us to collaborate to overcome obstacles and build immigration policies that support the success of our neighborhoods, families, and economy.

Protecting Affordable Health Care

Every Arizonan should have access to affordable, high-quality health care. Today, Arizona is the only state in the nation that has closed its Children’s Health Insurance Program, known here as KidsCare. I will fight to lift the KidsCare freeze in Arizona and work with you to protect health care coverage for working families in Arizona. We must move forward, not backward.

Community Service

Giving back to community is fundamental to our team and we strive to work closely with local cities in the West Valley and local nonprofits.

Supporting Our Veterans

Supporting our veterans must remain a high priority. This include workforce development opportunities, access to quality education, and reducing the amount of homelessness by supporting affordable housing our veterans can afford.